DuPage Tumbling & Trampoline Team

Twiststars Tumbling & Trampoline AND DuPage Cheer & Power Tumbling
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2022-2023 Season: We are currently having tryouts for our 2022-2023 Tumbling & Trampoline Team. If you are interested, please reach out, and we can set up a trial for you.

The team is for boys and girls 1st grade through high school and for all abilities. The T&T team is flexible and is a great sport to complement other sports. Lots of our athletes do T&T and other school sports, as T&T is competitive but also allows for athletes to do other sports and activities without taking over your life. If you are interested in joining the team, here's what you can do:

  • if you are not a current member/taking classes, go to parent portal and fill out parent and student info and sign waiver
  • call the office and we can schedule a team practice/tryout for you during the summer.
  • After you do a team trial, you can pick up the team packet and look over the info for the 2022-2023 season. If you decide to join the team, there is a commitment form and agreement form you can sign and turn into the front desk with the initial team fee. 
  • the office will then contact you to let you know your practice days for summer and to set up payments
  • There is a full team parent meeting in September where we will go over all team policies and expectations but if you have questions before then, just give us a call!
  • Not ready for the full competitive team? How about Pre-Team? We have a pre-team program that will practice 2x a week and attend in-house meets & exhibitions so the athlete can get a taste of the competitive world of T&T without the commitment of full team. For boys and girls ages 5-8. Interested? Give us a call!

Gabi, Emi & Finley Represent All 3 National Teams

Twiststars Tumbling & Trampoline AND DuPage Cheer & Power Tumbling
Gabi is on AAU National Team, Emi is on USTA Elite National Team and Finley is on Team USA

Here are some commonly asked questions and basic information about our T&T team!

DCA Cheer Program We offer All Star competitive short season teams January - April for ages 6-15 as well as Novice and exhibition teams for our younger athletes.

We are starting our Novice Cheer program in September. Ages 3-8. No experience necessary. Programs will run September- December with 1 practice a week + 1 tumbling day.


Click HERE for Novice Teams Info Flyer

Click HERE for Novice Teams Info Packet

Click HERE for Novice Teams Commitment Form 

  • Competitive All Star Elite Teams: 3-4 local & travel competitions, 3 practices/week (includes tumbling), runs December - April.May
  • Competitive All Star Prep Teams: 3-4 local & travel competitions + 3 practices/week (includes tumbling). Shorter routine-focus is still learning allstar
  • Novice Teams: focus on learning skills and putting routines together. Local competitions where teams compete for a score and not against other teams. Still learning the scoring system. Less commitment. 1 practice/week + 1 tumbling day
  • Hot Shots- Part of Novice Program, ages 3-5 exhibition team, September - Decmeber and again January - April
  • Momentum- Part of Novice Program, ages 6-8 exhibition team, September - December and again January - April.
  • Blitz- Cheer Abilities Program- all ages & FREE!
  • Boot Camp for our 7th & 8th graders looking to try out for their high school cheer team-January - April each year. Plus look for Boot Camp Classes during the summer to keep you in shape for your cheer season.
Twiststars Tumbling & Trampoline AND DuPage Cheer & Power Tumbling
Twiststars Tumbling & Trampoline AND DuPage Cheer & Power Tumbling

DCA has a special needs team called BLITZ, and they are awesome. This team has been running since 2012, and many of the original girls are still on the team today! We meet Saturday afternoons during the school year. Times vary each school year so please call, and you can come to watch or participate in practice to see if this is something your child is interested in doing. Athletes learn cheer moves, dances, a special DCA cheer, and participate in around 3–4 competitions/performances each year. The only cost to participate in BLITZ is a uniform fee which we try very hard to keep reasonable but still match our other cheer program's uniforms. We work with every ability, and everyone is welcome on the team. BLITZ is part of our cheer family and participates in all our lock-ins, parties, and events. Interested in finding out more about our special needs team, or know someone who would LOVE to be part of this team? Give us a call at 630-588-9000.

Check out our Blitz Cheer Abilities Clinics this summer- FREE!