DCA Classes Are Continuous Enrollment/Monthly Billing

What does continuous enrollment /monthly billing mean? 

Continuous enrollment means we do not run sessions but keep the same class schedule year round. Once you are registered for a class, you do not have to re-register.  You stay in that class until you are ready to move up to the next level. Easy!

You are then billed monthly on the 25th of the month prior via auto debit from a debit or credit card you keep on file.

Advancement? Consistency is the best way to achieve, maintain and advance those tumbling skills. With continuous enrollment, you stay enrolled month to month and when the student has mastered the skills in one level, the coach will let you know when it is time to move up.  You don't have to wait for a new session or even new month- we move up students when they have the skills on a consistent basis.

Want to get those skills faster? Like anything in life, the more you do something, the better you get! We recommend taking 2 classes/month for faster results.  10% discount on the second class.

Need to change days?  Just give us a call and we can help you find another class that works with your schedule.

Need to drop the class? No problem. Just email the gym at [email protected] by the 15th of the month prior and we will stop your billing for the next month.

Register online. If you know the class you are looking for, you can register online through the parent portal link above. Not sure which class? Give us a call and we can help!

Special Camps, Clinics & Classes. Throughout the year we offer camps and clinics during the summer, over winter break, spring break etc. Check back for all these happenings here and you'll always be able to sign up for these online through parent portal!

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Twiststars Tumbling & Trampoline AND DuPage Cheer & Power Tumbling

We are here to complement your cheer program. For those cheerleaders who can't get enough of cheer, want to experience all-star cheer, or push themselves further in the sport they love.

Twiststars Tumbling & Trampoline AND DuPage Cheer & Power Tumbling
Twiststars Tumbling & Trampoline AND DuPage Cheer & Power Tumbling

Sign up for the best tumbling classes around. Prorate into a class anytime, and see why over 900 kids a week LOVE tumbling at DCA!

Do you love to flip, twist, jump, bounce, and tumble? Consider taking a TNT class or joining our competitive tumbling and trampoline team.

Twiststars Tumbling & Trampoline AND DuPage Cheer & Power Tumbling