About TwistStars Team

Welcome to the 2021–2022 Season!

We still have a few spots left on our team for those interested in competitive tumbling and trampoline. If you are interested, please reach out and we can set up a trial for you. Team is for ages 1st grade through high school and for all abilities. The T&T team is flexible and is a great sport to complement other sports. Lots of our athletes do T&T and other school sports, as T&T is competitive but also allows for athletes to do other sports and activities without taking over your life.


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Here are some commonly asked questions and basic information about our T&T team!

Team practice times are based on events and skill levels. Those members who compete in two or more events may split divisions during practice times. Evaluation is required.

Call for more information at 708-532-7626, or email coach@TwistStars.com.